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Montana Writer Team: Graffiti at Its Best
Ruedione, Akim Walta:
Montana Writer Team
Graffiti at Its Best
With Photographs by Ruedione
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Montana makes some of the most sought after graffiti spray paint and is a company devoted to quality in aerosol art. Since the year 2000, Montana has supported a group of artists which they call the Montana Writers Team.
Montana Writer Team: Graffiti at Its Best(2) Montana Writer Team: Graffiti at Its Best(3)
Montana Writer Team: Graffiti at Its Best(1) Montana Writer Team: Graffiti at Its Best(4)
All members — SMASH137, KENT, CAN2, DASH and ATOM — are internationally respected artists in the graffiti scene and have all been painting for years. Several times a year Montana brings this team to spots all around the world to do large collaborative wall pieces and this book documents the work, the tours & the artists involved, allowing the reader access to a vibrant scene and an exciting lifestyle.

160 pages, Hardcover, 8'' x 11'' (200 x 280 mm)
150 color illustrations, English
ISBN-13: 978-3-9809909-5-0 
ISBN-10: 3-9809909-5-8      $ 39.95
Foreword by Akim Walta
History by Ruedione
Montana Cans Production
Rome – Italy, 2002
Milano – Italy, 2003
Moscow – Russia, 2004
Basel – Switzerland, 2004
Exhibition Heidelberg – Germany, 2004
Dortmund – Germany, 2004 116
Exhibition Dortmund – Germany 2004
Berlin – Germany, 2005
Duesseldorf – Germany, 2005
Bronx, New York – USA, 2005
Hassmersheim – Germany, 2005
Barcelona – Spain, 2005
Wlocawec – Poland, 2005
Hassmersheim – Germany, 2005
Sketches for the "B" of Montana Black
The Artists:
The Productions:
Helsinki – Finland, 2000
Tour Germany, 2001
Montana Writer Team
MONTANA spray paint is probably the world’s most known specialized graffiti spray paint. Since 2000 they support a group of artists which they call the "MONTANA WRITER TEAM." All members — ATOM, CANTWO, DASH, SMASH137 and KENT — are internationally wellknown and respected artists in the graffiti scene; every one of them has been painting for at least 16 years.
Since the team’s foundation, MONTANA has organized wall productions for these artists several times each year all over the world to promote MONTANA spray paint products. Meanwhile the team has been painting together in Germany, Italy, Finland, Russia, Poland, the USA, Spain, Switzerland and Denmark. Currently they plan to go to Asia, South America and Australia.
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